BIG showcase news, and more

Hey y’all! Sorry for the radio silence, but I have been busy busy finishing my new record for you, which will hopefully be out very soon!  So here we go:

*I have been selected for the Folk DJ Showcase at the 2014 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference. This is a big big deal — I’ll be performing in front of almost every folk DJ in the country –and I was nominated to perform by my friend and advocate, the legendary Ron Olesko. What an honor!! Thanks to Rich Warren and Diane Crowe, too, for their support. I’m excited to return to NERFA as myself for the first time, and will be performing various guerrilla showcases as well. In addition, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes also have an official showcase at NERFA – so I’m gonna be a very busy lady!!

*My music will be featured on for a broadcast about trans women’s voices. If you’re coming here from that page, please write to me for a free download of the featured songs.

* I am opening for Joseph Arthur at Outpost in the Burbs on December 12. This is really humbling, and my biggest regional performance to date! Thanks to Bill Brandenburg and Gail Prusslin for making me a part of the Outpost family. Buy tickets here:

More big news to come soon, I am sure!! Cross your fingers… -m

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