Coming out and challenging unfair laws

May 31, 2014

Hello everyone. I’m so pleased to have come out publicly today as transgender, and to be able to formally begin my music career under my chosen name and lived identity.

As I mentioned on my Facebook post detailing my coming out this morning, I have decided to talk publicly about my transition because there are many issues that affect trans people that need to be talked about. Being visibly and openly trans is important to me. And one issue that is most important to talk about right now is the discrimination of trans people in healthcare coverage here in New York State, due to a grandfathered law being kept on the books even though Obamacare was supposed to guarantee health coverage for transgender people.

Everyone should have fair and equal access to the wonderful things medicine can do for us — and New York should be a healthy, supportive place for all trans people to live, thrive and succeed. You can help make this happen by telling Gov. Cuomo that all New Yorkers deserve equal rights. There are two ways you can do this: Sign the repeal petitionĀ at, and/or write to him directly at And if you personally know anyone in New York’s government, get in touch with them ASAP — the legislative session ends June 19.

Your voice counts — share this information widely! For more on this topic and what you can do to help, please visit

With love,
Mya Adriene

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