Outpost in the Burbs, Kate Pierson/The Advocate, CD Release!

Hey everyone! It’s been an exciting fall, and I’m back with a few great announcements. First off:

Last Friday, December 12, I opened for Joseph Arthur in Montclair, NJ at  Outpost in the Burbs! This was a huge honor and a great opportunity, and thanks top all of my friends who came, and big big thanks to Bill Brandenburg and Gail Prusslin for making this happen!!

The other big news is that I wrote two articles for the Advocate about trans representation in music. One is an op-ed about Kate Pierson and her recent controversial release of a song she dubbed a “trans anthem” on her new album “Guitars and Microphones”, that many, including myself, have deemed offensive and transphobic (whether Pierson intended to or not, though I belive her heart was in the right place), and in the other, trans writer Mitch Kellaway and I collated a list of 37 trans songs by trans people in response to this.

Here are the links:


http://bit.ly/transanthems (features my song “Lost Angel“, as well as many other great artists!)

Last but not least, please mark your calendars for January 14, 2015. I will be releasing my brand new cd, As I Am (which you can pre-purchase on Bandcamp) at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC! 7 pm, www.rockwoodmusichall.com

 Much love,

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