Rockwood CD Release Wed Jan 14, Topside Review!

Hey everyone. I’m thrilled to announce my record release party at Rockwood Music Hall this Wednesday, January 14, at 7 pm. We’re performing the entirety of “As I Am” plus a few new tunes to boot. The full band features friends Chris Kelly, Andy Mac, Scott Stein, Craig Greenberg, and Mark Marshall!  We just rehearsed and it sounds AMAZING. I hope you can make it out! Rockwood Stage 2: 196 Allen St, New York NY. 

Mya Byrne at Rockwood Music Hall

The other sweet news is that the CD got a fabulous review from Topside Press, an award-winning publisher of trans and queer literature, on their new blog spotlighting queer artists of note. The review is by Kara Tucker, and you can check it out by clicking this link:

So that’s about it. Can’t wait to play for y’all! Oh, and don’t forget you can purchase the CD as a download or hard copy at! 



Outpost in the Burbs, Kate Pierson/The Advocate, CD Release!

Hey everyone! It’s been an exciting fall, and I’m back with a few great announcements. First off:

Last Friday, December 12, I opened for Joseph Arthur in Montclair, NJ at  Outpost in the Burbs! This was a huge honor and a great opportunity, and thanks top all of my friends who came, and big big thanks to Bill Brandenburg and Gail Prusslin for making this happen!!

The other big news is that I wrote two articles for the Advocate about trans representation in music. One is an op-ed about Kate Pierson and her recent controversial release of a song she dubbed a “trans anthem” on her new album “Guitars and Microphones”, that many, including myself, have deemed offensive and transphobic (whether Pierson intended to or not, though I belive her heart was in the right place), and in the other, trans writer Mitch Kellaway and I collated a list of 37 trans songs by trans people in response to this.

Here are the links: (features my song “Lost Angel“, as well as many other great artists!)

Last but not least, please mark your calendars for January 14, 2015. I will be releasing my brand new cd, As I Am (which you can pre-purchase on Bandcamp) at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC! 7 pm,

 Much love,

Radio, fall shows, and more!

Hey folks!! What an amazing fall it’s turning out to be. Here’s the scoop.

First of all, some huge news: I was chosen to perform at the prestigious Folk DJ showcase at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) this November. This is the queen of folk music events, and it’s an amazing honor– I will be performing in front of nearly every folk DJ in the country!  Cross your fingers for me, and thanks to the legendary Ron Olesko for making it happen.

Last week, I was interviewed and my music featured on an internationally-broadcast radio program, Making Contact. The program focuses on voice, specifically what our voices say about us, and I talk about losing my voice, and regaining it concurrent to my coming out as trans. It’s pretty special – please check it out!

I have a few things happening this coming week. On Monday October 20, at 7, I play a few songs for a songwriter’s evening at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, 185 Orchard Street. $10, with a great group of friends inclusing Jacqueline Francis and Ina May Wool.

On Thursday October 23 from 7-11, I will be helping to host the Third Wave Fund’s REVIVE! Party at 200 Orchard St, to benefit youth activism for gender justice. Legendary DJ Juliana Huxtable will be spinning, and it’s sliding scale – no one will be turned away.

But the big, big show is next Saturday night, Oct 25, I perform with my friend Marci Geller at First Acoustics, at the First Unitarian Church, Pierrepont Street at Morgan, Brooklyn Heights. This is a premier folk venue, and will be a great evening. I hope very much you will come down if you’re in the area. Tickets are $20 in advance, and $25 at the door, 8 pm sharp.

So that’s about it. Sending lotsa love…and my new CD is almost done, btw!  I can’t wait for you to hear it.


BIG showcase news, and more

Hey y’all! Sorry for the radio silence, but I have been busy busy finishing my new record for you, which will hopefully be out very soon!  So here we go:

*I have been selected for the Folk DJ Showcase at the 2014 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference. This is a big big deal — I’ll be performing in front of almost every folk DJ in the country –and I was nominated to perform by my friend and advocate, the legendary Ron Olesko. What an honor!! Thanks to Rich Warren and Diane Crowe, too, for their support. I’m excited to return to NERFA as myself for the first time, and will be performing various guerrilla showcases as well. In addition, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes also have an official showcase at NERFA – so I’m gonna be a very busy lady!!

*My music will be featured on for a broadcast about trans women’s voices. If you’re coming here from that page, please write to me for a free download of the featured songs.

* I am opening for Joseph Arthur at Outpost in the Burbs on December 12. This is really humbling, and my biggest regional performance to date! Thanks to Bill Brandenburg and Gail Prusslin for making me a part of the Outpost family. Buy tickets here:

More big news to come soon, I am sure!! Cross your fingers… -m

Summer recap: Thanks Rockwood, Falcon Ridge and Montclair, plus new vids

I have had another whirlwind few weeks. Let’s go backwards…

Aug 9: I performed at Montclair CenterStage presented by Outpost in the Burbs, and found out I’m being considered for an opening spot at the latter!! This is a huge honor and I’m crossing my fingers. Thanks to Bill Brandenburg and Gail Prusslin for believing in me and supporting my music in such a big way, and to Joann Smalls at CenterStage for hosting this incredible event. (Check out the writeup in the Montclair Times last week by clicking this sentence.) Oh, and Gail was kind enough to take a video that is now on the Outpost YouTube page!

July 31-Aug 3: Along with buddies Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes, I played a LOT at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, which was incredibly fun. It was wonderful to be embraced by my folk music community, many of whom hadn’t seen me since I transitioned. Thanks everyone who helped make this event amazing for me, especially Ethan and Jake from Pesky J. Nixon, Kathy Sands-Boehmer, Jesse Terry, Gordon Nash and Budgiedome, Richard Cuccaro at AcousticLive and all of my fellow Pirate Campers.

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes at Falcon Ridge Folk Fest - photo by Dan Tappan

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes at Falcon Ridge Folk Fest – photo by Dan Tappan (left to right- Scott Wolfson, Matt Laurita, Mya Byrne)


July 29: And last but most definitely not least, I was honored and thrilled to play my first big show in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall on Tues, July 29, joined by some of my best friends: Scott Stein, Chris Kelly, Craig Greenberg, and Andy Mac. Thanks to Ken Rockwood, Matt Currie and the whole staff for their love and supprt. Here’s one more video for you from the show,  by Sam Teichman Photo and Video, my version of my dear friend Marci Geller‘s “Forgotten Dreams.”



SingOut!, The Advocate, acting debut, Karyn Oliver, DC house concert, and compared to Jerry Garcia?!?!

Oh my, what a wonderful few days this has been. I’m not saying any bit of this life is necessarily easy, but gosh, a lot of magical moments have happened.

First off, the great Ron Olesko, who had me as a guest on his WFDU-FM show a few weeks ago, wrote an incredible article about my appearance in SingOut!, and discusses the struggles of transgender artists in a wonderfully respectful way. If you have a few moments, please visit this link:

Second, over the weekend, my trans poet colleagues and I were featured in The Advocate! I’m thrilled for my first publication as an out trans artist, and hope you will all enjoy these great selections from the Trans Poets Workshop.

Third, I make my acting debut in a fantastic new play written by Maxe Crandall, called “Together, Men Make Paradigms.” It takes place at the Hot! Festival this Thursday, July 10 at 7pm. Tickets are $10 and it’ll be worth it!!

The very next day, July 11, I perform with my very very talented friend Karyn Oliver at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 (185 Orchard St). I’m excited to back her up..she’s one of my favorite songwriters and has become an incredibly dear friend. Tickets are $10:

We’re not done yet! The next day, July 12, I head down to Rockville, MD, for a fantastic solo house concert at Oops House of Music. I hope my DC pals can and will make it!

To close out this lil’ message – I’m also thrilled that my esteemed producer, Neale Eckstein, got an incredible review in No Depression for his collection of songs, “Click”, which I was privileged to sing on with a whole lot of my folks pals. The author gives much well-deserved praise to many of the participants..and I was stunned and humbled to be compared to one of my heroes: “[Byrne] carries the lyric with shades of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead”. WOW!!! 

Ok, that’s about it for now. And don’t forget my BIG full-band show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on July 29! It’s my debut as Mya Byrne on one of the best stages in the nation…this show is FREE, and also will help benefit our local LGBTQIA homeless youth shelter. More details on that to come!


Live on WFDU and finishing my record!

Hey everyone — it’s been a hell of a day, which started with my appearance on WFDU as the guest of the fantastic Ron Olesko, playing my music and talking about my life as a trans artist. You can listen to the archived show here:

And I type this from Fox Run Studios in Massachusetts, where I’m beginning to mix my new album with the incredible Neale Eckstein…my gosh, I’m so excited!!!

So much more to come!!!

-Mya Adriene

Coming out and challenging unfair laws

May 31, 2014

Hello everyone. I’m so pleased to have come out publicly today as transgender, and to be able to formally begin my music career under my chosen name and lived identity.

As I mentioned on my Facebook post detailing my coming out this morning, I have decided to talk publicly about my transition because there are many issues that affect trans people that need to be talked about. Being visibly and openly trans is important to me. And one issue that is most important to talk about right now is the discrimination of trans people in healthcare coverage here in New York State, due to a grandfathered law being kept on the books even though Obamacare was supposed to guarantee health coverage for transgender people.

Everyone should have fair and equal access to the wonderful things medicine can do for us — and New York should be a healthy, supportive place for all trans people to live, thrive and succeed. You can help make this happen by telling Gov. Cuomo that all New Yorkers deserve equal rights. There are two ways you can do this: Sign the repeal petition at, and/or write to him directly at And if you personally know anyone in New York’s government, get in touch with them ASAP — the legislative session ends June 19.

Your voice counts — share this information widely! For more on this topic and what you can do to help, please visit

With love,
Mya Adriene